What is massliking and massfollowing in instagram?

Mass liking and mass following in instagram is a tactic used by marketers to get subscribers quickly. It involves liking or following a large number of accounts over a short period of time, usually within a day. This tactic is often seen as a shortcut to getting subscribers, but can also be seen as an effective way to build an audience organically.

How massliking and massfollowing came about

The concept of mass liking and mass following first emerged in the early days of social media, when users wanted to get more followers or likes quickly. It has since become popular with influencers, companies and brands who use it as a tool to reach a larger audience. Marketers have also adapted this tactic to boost their profile as well as to promote products and services.

How it works

When a user mass likes or follows someone's account, they usually look for hashtags related to the topic or industry of their account to find relevant accounts that might be interested in what they are offering. They then like or follow those accounts in hopes that some of them will reciprocate. This process can be automated with programs like instagress, which allow users to select specific hashtags for targeted accounts and automate the liking/following process without having to do it manually every time.

How many instagram subscriptions can you make per day?

Instagram allows users to make up to 7,500 subscriptions per day, including likes and followers; however, it is recommended that users do not exceed 500-1,000 subscriptions per day for optimal results without the risk of being flagged by instagram's anti-spam algorithms.


Mass likes and mass instagram followers can be effective tools for quickly gaining followers, but it is important that users exercise caution when using these tactics, as there is always the risk of being flagged by instagram anti-spam algorithms, which can lead to complete disengagement from the platform. Automation tools can greatly speed up this process if used correctly, they should still be used with caution to avoid appearing spammy or robotic when interacting with other accounts on the platform. You can also turn to the professionals of Nordpanel, which will help you quickly and effectively do massliking and massfloving.

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