How to Increase TikTok Activity: Professional Tips

Under the current conditions in the world, many small and large entrepreneurs have transferred their businesses to the Internet. TikTok is one of the most popular platforms for advertising products. But to make a profit, increasing activity is a must. However, this isn’t a task for newbies. In this article, we’ll tell you about how to increase TikTok activity.

Professional tips: how to increase the TT activity

The TikTok activity directly depends on the social media algorithms. Users may lose it due to several reasons:

  • content doesn’t get into recommendations;
  • when users give less likes and leave less comments under videos;
  • if some of the TikTok posts violate the resource rules.

Thus, to increase activity in TT, you should learn and follow all the rules, try to attract users with an interesting presentation and encourage them to give likes and to comment.

Seven ways to raise the TikTok activity

The easiest way to boost activity in TikTok is by motivating users to leave comments. To do this, you just need to ask a question in the video; for example, ask for an opinion or start a quiz. You can also post a video that will be relevant to users’ interests, and they will want to express their opinion. There are 6 other effective methods.

1. You can boost activity in TikTok by participating in challenges of more popular TikTokers. Trending videos often get on the list of recommendations and increase activity. It’s important to try and make your content unique.

2. You can create your own “feed” in TikTok, that is, the user, for example, divides one large video into several parts and posts them separately. This will increase activity, attract users’ attention, and raise traffic.

3. You can attract the audience’s attention and increase activity by commenting on famous TikTokers’ videos in TikTok. The fact is that TikTok puts a review that gets many likes ahead of the rest, and it will attract attention.

4. You must use popular hashtags to raise activity in TikTok. It is how TikTokers find videos they are interested in, which means that the chance that they will open and watch your video becomes significantly higher.

5. Be sure to hold at least small quizzes with minimal prizes. The thing is that you really need comments and likes to increase activity, and this kind of events will help with this problem. For participation, you may offer to subscribe, leave one comment, and a few likes.

6. A perfect option is to hold joint streams with popular bloggers, or better yet – to make a few real videos with them.

To understand what activity level your account has at the moment, you should look at the statistics. For this, you can use the internal analytics tool or external services for analyzing activity. The first method is available only to those TikTokers who have upgraded to the Pro account in this social media. The user will get access to analytics, number of views, comments, likes, and visits.

If you can’t pay for the Pro account to increase and track activity, you can use third-party services. They offer a wide range of tracking functions. By using these simple tips, you can take your account to the next level and not only attract a huge target audience but earn tidy profit as well.

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