How to Find an Instagram User by His Mobile Phone Number

There are several ways if you need to find an Instagram account: by user’s nickname, by his mobile phone number, using hashtags and geolocation. Sometimes, the number in a person’s contact list isn’t linked to the Instagram account. This article, we’ll tell you about how to find Instagram by phone number.

Searching in Instagram by phone number via the application

Most Instagram users sign up with their email addresses. It’s easy to find an Instagram account by number via a mobile phone – all you need is to follow a certain algorithm.

1. To find Instagram users, you need to save the subscriber’s phone number that will be used for searching.

2. Next, you need to log in to Instagram, using your username and password you invented before.

3. From the newsfeed, a person should go to the home page of his account.

4. At the top right of Instagram, there is a Triple Dot button, which you should click.

5. Next, you should proceed to the settings, select the Account point, and open the contact synchronization section.

6. You won’t need to find anything in this section, just select the connection of contacts.

7. The user will need to wait for about 2 minutes, then go back to Instagram and open the menu.

8. Select the Interesting People point from the menu; next, you’ll see a list of Instagram users who used their phone number to sign up.

If you need to find an Instagram account using an iPhone, the algorithm of actions is almost the same. There are certain features that relate to this particular phone’s functions. To search for contacts, you can use such tool as Zoom. Upon clicking on it, you’ll see the search bar, where you can enter the subscriber’s phone number. Upon clicking the Search button, you’ll see the account of the user of interest in the search results.

The user is lucky if the person he’s looking for is on the list. However, you should keep in mind that not every person will enter his personal phone number when registering. Thus, if you can’t find the user, you will have to look for other ways. You can use different filters: the easiest way to find the account is by nickname, but this isn’t always possible. In this case, you can search by hashtags or geolocation. These methods take more time but may also be used.

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