What are YouTube Shorts?

Features of tiktok

The shorts are strikingly similar to TikTok in both purpose and capability. They feature a vertical video orientation and upbeat music that creates a fun atmosphere.

Youtube shorts: a seamless experience

With youtube shorts, users don't have to scroll through an endless feed, as videos load automatically if they've watched at least one clip. These shorts are designed to be viewed on smartphones, but they can also be seen on computers and tablets by setting the hashtag #shorts in the youtube search bar or by using the button on the left menu.

What is the source of the shorts?

The introduction of the youtube shorts platform has been remarkable. India was the first to get a beta version of youtube shorts back in September 2020 (ticktock was already banned in the country at the time). Six months later, a beta version of the platform became available to residents of the United States. Finally, the full launch of youtube shorts was made worldwide in July 2021, after it was launched and implemented in other countries.

The basic criteria for shorts.

Videos must be no longer than 60 seconds in length.

The aspect ratio is 9×16 in vertical format only.

The maximum number of characters in the title should not exceed 100.

Be sure to adjust your audience parameters by selecting an appropriate age limit.

Can I use other people's videos in shorts?
No. You must have legal permission for any video you plan to add to your shorts. Otherwise, youtube may block the video (there could be many reasons, such as content id requests or complaints from copyright holders).

Is monetization an option in shorts?

When the shorts first came out, youtube users received invitations detailing possible revenue from the new platform: from $300 to $10,000. The Hollywood Reporter stated that more than 3,000 writers received similar invitations.

Youtube shorts: a new monetization model

Google has launched youtube shorts, a new platform that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, tiktok. Like the latter, Google has created a cash fund to reward the best content creators on the platform. Compared to tiktok's $1 billion fund, youtube has set aside $100 million for its 2021-2022 fund. However, this is only a temporary measure, as google plans to introduce a full affiliate program for content creators in the near future.

Where do the shorts go after they are uploaded?

The shorts are published on the main channel. Once uploaded, they are sent to a special section. On the desktop version of youtube, the shorts section looks like this:

Accessing youtube shorts

The shorts section can be accessed both from the youtube website and from the mobile app. In addition, the data on the number of views of shorts will be included in the main channel's video statistics, which you can see in the "Studios" section on youtube.

How to download and upload youtube shorts on ios and android

To distribute shorts, you can use the following approach:

Launch the youtube mobile app on your device.

Tap on the + symbol and select the "create shorts" line.

If you don't see the "create a short" button, it could be because your channel doesn't comply with youtube rules.

The set length of a short video is 15 seconds. To shoot a 60 second video, click on the "15" button.You can shoot a short in either 15 or 60-second format.

How to record a 15 second youtube short video

If you want to add music from the youtube library, you have to make sure the video is no longer than 15 seconds. To record a short video, you need to click on the "record" icon. You have to hold down the button while recording the video. You can also press it twice - once when recording begins and a second time when it ends.

If the captured video is not suitable, press the "reverse arrow" icon. Even if you delete a video, you can cancel it by pressing the "repeat" icon. To close the camera or save a short video, select the cross icon. To view and edit the video, select the check mark icon. To go back to editing a deleted short video, click the "back" arrow.

If you are satisfied with the video after editing, click the "save changes" or "undo changes" button. You can also click the "continue" button there if you're happy with the deleted shorts.

Adding music, text, filters or setting a timeline

If you want, you can change the video by adding music, text, filters, or setting a timeline. This is possible on the same page where you select the "save changes" or "undo changes" buttons.

Give a short title

In order for your video to be seen by the desired users, you must fit the title into 100 characters. In addition, it has been observed that adding the #shorts tag to the title increases the chances of it appearing in recommendations.

In addition to the title, you need to add additional data such as access to the video and its intended audience.

3 types of youtube access

Access to youtube can be by link, open or restricted. If the author of a short video is between 13 and 17 years old, the platform automatically sets limited access. If the author of the short is over 18 years old, access will be open.

To specify the audience for the video, click the "specify audience" button on the same screen as the image below:

Do the right thing for content intended for children

Rigorously evaluate content uploaded to youtube in relation to the appropriateness of directing it for viewing by children. Use a correspondence table for proper evaluation. You need to understand the difference between content intended and not intended for children's viewing.

Uploading videos to youtube shorts

To download shorts from your computer, follow a few simple steps:

Log in to your google account.

Visit the youtube creative studio.

Click the "create" button.

Make sure your finished video meets the technical requirements for short videos (9×16, no more than 60 seconds).

Now click the "upload" button at the bottom of the screen.

Done! Your video has been successfully uploaded and is now available to youtube viewers.

Move the video

Drag the video into the window or click "select files" to select the video from your device. This indicates that you agree to youtube's terms of use and rules.

Customize the video.

Specify the title of the video, but don't forget to include the hashtag #shorts at the end. If you forget this hashtag, the vertical video will not be classified as a short video.

Maximum 15 snippets.

On youtube these are called snippets. You are allowed to include not more than 15 such fragments in one short film.


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