10 post ideas for Telegram channels

Promoting your new Telegram channels can be a challenge. You need to find ways to attract users to them, and that's not always easy. Fortunately, there are plenty of post ideas you can use to promote your telegram feeds and help them stand out from the crowd. Here are 10 post ideas you can use to promote your telegram feeds.

Stickers instead of illustrations

Stickers are a fun and creative way to get people interested in your channel without a lot of illustrations. They are also great for conveying emotions or messages in a simple and effective way. Plus, they grab attention and make your posts stand out from the crowd!

Short advice posts.

Short posts with tips or advice related to topics covered on your channel are great for piquing the interest of users who may not yet be familiar with them. You can also include links or other resources in these posts so people can learn more about what you offer on your channel if they are interested!

Video Circles

Video circles are becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms like instagram, but they're just as useful for promoting telegram channels! Create videos in which members from different walks of life talk about what makes their channel unique - this will help others understand why they should join your channel!

Voice Messages

Voice messages are a great way for users to get an idea of what content is available on your channel without having to read long posts or watch videos - plus, it adds another level of interaction with potential subscribers!


Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, so why not create one specifically to promote your telegram feeds? You can invite guests who are experienced with the topics the channel covers, discuss the latest developments in the field, and share tips on how others can benefit from using the channel!

Polls and Quizzes

Polls and quizzes allow you to quickly engage potential subscribers while helping them learn more about what content is available on your channel - plus, it's always fun for everyone involved!

Illustrated Cards

Illustrated cards are an interesting visual element that help draw attention to certain parts of each post - ideal if you have important information or announcements related to the topics covered on your channel!

Video Cards

Video cards allow users to better understand certain topics discussed in a particular post, perfect for explaining complex concepts!


Memes may seem like an odd choice for channel promotion, but when used correctly, they're incredibly effective - after all, everyone loves funny memes!

Link picks.

If you need potential subscribers who work in the same fields as those being discussed on your channel, Linkedin picks can be very useful! Essentially, these are curated lists that contain articles, publications, and other resources that relate specifically to those topics, making it easy for people interested in joining the channel!


Promoting channels on Telegram doesn't have to be complicated - all you need is a little creativity, and these ten post ideas should get you started off on the right foot! You can also turn to the professionals at Nordpanel to help you gain subscribers in telegram quickly and efficiently.