Why can't I get subscribers in Telegram

Surviving the bloging jungle

With an abundance of blogs, users can easily unsubscribe if they get bored with a blog. This is a troubling prospect for bloggers, making it harder for them to get subscribers and promote their channel. To help you out, here are 7 tips on how to make your blog special, retain regular subscribers and attract new readers.

Seven common mistakes of telegram channel owners

Blogging can be difficult, and it doesn't always lead to successful results. That's why we are ready to present you with a collection of 7 mistakes that almost all telegram channel owners regularly make and which hinder the growth process.

You don't have a definite idea of what you need to create

Unlike instagram and tiktok, where the main role of a blogger is to amuse the public, telegram is still more focused on giving out benefits and information. If you start creating random content, you won't be able to gain additional followers.

Ask yourself a question

Before you start creating a channel, ask yourself: "How will my target audience benefit from it?" Will your subscribers be able to become more competent by following your advice (a channel about self-development)? Or can you help them never miss new movies (a channel about movies)? Can you teach them new fitness techniques? Etc.

Focus on value.

Once you've answered this question, start working on a content plan. If you focus on the value of your channel to subscribers, it will make creating posts and finding information much easier. At first, you may have to promote your telegram channel to make it more appealing - more subscribers, likes, and views of your posts will show newcomers how useful and valuable your channel is.

Neglect channel design to your detriment

When starting to promote a blog, it's easy to overlook channel design, but that would be a mistake. In the world of social media, how your blog looks is an essential factor in attracting subscribers. Before you start promoting your channel, be sure to take the time to perfect every aspect of it.

Creating a Telegram Channel

Create an iconic and uncomplicated shortcode;
Compose a short and concise description;
Insert a high-quality illustration related to the theme.
Increase Recognition.
In addition to the above, you need to post 10-20 articles, come up with hashtags, gain subscribers, likes and reviews for your telegram channel. Since the start of your journey is likely to be slow, it is important to attract attention in any way you can, because no one will go to an abandoned channel.

Breaking up the monotony

If your content becomes too boring and repetitive, it won't be long before your audience loses interest. Change things up and keep them engaged. Add interactive elements such as quizzes, tutorials, reviews, photos, video clips, user-generated content and more. This will help create a dynamic and diverse experience that keeps people interested in your page.

Liven up your subscribers.

If your subscribers are passive, you can gently nudge them to become more engaged. Promotion services can not only help you acquire subscribers to your telegram feed, but also generate lots of feedback and comments. Ultimately, your audience will be happy to have an animated channel.

Quality content is essential in telegram

Posting low-quality content and images is an insult to your subscribers. In this highly competitive atmosphere, it's hard enough to get attention and get subscribers on Telegram. In addition, material that is inappropriate can cause your subscribers to not share your posts.

One of the key advantages of blogging on Telegram is that you don't have to create content daily like you do on instagram. This gives you more time to create posts, so you can make sure the content (text, photos and video) is top-notch. While visuals are important, don't forget to check your text for errors before posting.

Make your triggers interesting!

In telegram, text is increasingly important, and users are becoming more selective about the content they consume. So if you want people to open and read your messages, you need to start with an attention-grabbing phrase. Don't bother with a greeting - just get right to the point and create an element of tension or offer something of value that people can't refuse.

We recently covered 9 attention-grabbing phrases you can use to start an instagram post, but the same tips can be applied to telegram as well.

Users value their time

Telegram users are always looking for ways to get the most out of their posts. So, if you post something without considering how it contributes to the overall theme of the blog, or just for the sake of posting something, don't feel bad if your subscribers don't appreciate it.

In other words,Posts have to be valuable to users to be successful. Funny videos and mindless scrolling won't help.

Don't lose your audience - improve your channel

If you stop providing value, expect a mass exodus of subscribers. Don't try to convince them to stay; instead, focus on improving your channel. If you notice fewer people on your channel, use telegram promotion.

Too much vital content

As noted earlier, people don't subscribe to your channel to see pictures of your pet every day. Unless it's a blog about cats. If your posts are mostly about yourself and your daily life, people will eventually leave - especially if it's not related to your niche. That's why blogs about life are more suited to instagram.

Take action now

Working hard, gaining views on telegram, and regularly evaluating your progress will help you take your blog to a much higher level. Quick results can be seen if you stick to the suggested recommendations.

Number of subscribers in social networks

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