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Service for boosting and promotion of Instagram

Instagram promotion is a quickly paying off service that opens up excellent prospects on the mega popular platform. Professional account promotion can instantly make a profile attractive to advertisers, users and potential customers. If you securely build followers on Instagram, you have a unique chance to rank at the top of the largest online platform in the world. If you are not ready to waste time waiting for a high rating and an increase in indicators, the # 1 SMM panel in the world invites you to cooperation!

  • We can help you bypass competitors and increase customer confidence by automating Instagram promotion.

    Get a large number of live followers and activity with a minimum investment of time and money!

  • You are no longer need to have knowledge in SMM to boost your Social Media Profile

    Just create content, and our service will make it popular automatically. Use a free trial and try to upgrade your Instagram or Facebook account cheap and fast!

Safe Instagram boosting service

NordPanel is a reliable partner and direct service provider. We attract live followers on Instagram and do not outbid users from intermediaries. Our promotion methods are unfamiliar to our competitors. We have an excellent result: the fairest price on the market for effective promotion with guarantees.

How to distinguish live subscribers from bots

Before you find out the cost of 1000 Instagram subscribers, you should find out the methods for recognizing attracted followers to a page. There are signs of bots:

  • Low price. The services offer a cheap option, but do not provide a guarantee against deletion.

  • There is no profile picture.

  • The profile is closed or completely empty, there are no publications, descriptions and activity.

  • Invalid nickname. It is a collection of letters or numbers.

  • Boosting Instagram subscribers cheaply without deleting is impossible if the user has subscribed many times, but has practically no reciprocal steps or reactions. This is a signal that this is a bot.

  • Comments become advertisements. When a newsletter appears under the posts with a request to go to the page, this is a spam bot.

How to order subscribers boosting in bulk on Instagram


Register an account on our website

You should enter your email and password


Choose a social network



Place an order

Add the necessary options (get more subscribers, likes, video views, mass following) to increase coverage

How much does a subscriber cost in Instagram

Attracting of active, real follower is more expensive than using a bot from a database. But the investment pays off quickly: we boost followers with activity and posts on Instagram. They are high-quality accounts with avatars without risk of deletion.

🔥Instagram Followers [Cheapest]instagram
🔥Instagram Followers [Cheapest]
$ 0.26 Price per 1000
  • ID74
  • Max order1,000
  • Min order10
🔥Instagram Followersinstagram
🔥Instagram Followers
$ 0.38 Price per 1000
  • ID53
  • Max order1,000
  • Min order10

How to get followers on Instagram without any click-throughs

If you have not yet planned a budget for effective promotion, you can try free methods, but be prepared to spend a lot of effort, time and fix your mistakes. There is an alternative to services for attracting subscribers on Instagram:

  • 01

    WOW content

    You can captivate the audience only with original ideas, vivid videos and exciting posts.
    Lots of nice, beautiful photos. Photos of people, according to statistics, gain 38-40% more likes than other photos.

  • 02

    Original texts

    Non-standard, helpful posts that are full of meaning and can help solve problems attract live Instagram fans. Life hack: describe the photo in detail. You have 2,200 characters to convey your message to the reader.

  • 03


    To increase engagement, ask questions to users more often. To boost real followers on Instagram, motivate them to start a dialogue in the comments, ask for opinions in order to improve communication with followers.

  • 04


    It is an effective promotion tool if you publish at least 2 Stories per day. Be sure to put hashtags, geolocation, so that fans can find you easier.

  • 05

    Live broadcasts

    It's easy to boost likes and users on Instagram, turning them into loyal fans who might be interested in your account, your personality or expertise.

  • 06

    Respond to comments

    Always keep the page active, don't ignore the answers. Instagram subscriber acquisition services pay attention to the activity below the posts. This will increase your rankings and engagement.

  • 07

    Use fewer templates, describe more personal life

    Your goal: not to look perfect, but to be individual. Feel free to abandon templates, surprise and intrigue.

  • 08

    A content plan will help you get live active users on Instagram

    Strike a balance between the types of publications: 2 useful, 1 advertising, 2 on related topics or cognitive. You should post content regularly and don’t take long pauses.

  • 09

    Stickers and polls

    These tools will help boost your active Instagram followers and engage your audience. Stickers and polls will help you position your followers, they will become more active and your profile statistics will improve.

  • 010

    Watch out for competitors

    Life hack: find the most active users on your rivals' page. Try to establish contact with them, so you can motivate them to go to your page and be acquainted with it.

  • 011


    If you have already managed to wind up 1000 subscribers on Instagram, it's time to spend SFS. Ask fans to share account information, promise in return to post their posts with #sfs hashtag.

Try to arrange flash mobs, marathons more often, always call for action, arrange contests and give gifts to loyal followers. If there is no time and resources, it is easier to order a high-quality promotion of fans on Instagram.

Massfollowing, Massliking, and MassLooking

These tools for profile promotion are called «gray». They were effective and popular 2-3 years ago. Today, the techniques are losing their relevance, but they can help a young, medium-sized account to wind people on Instagram for money:

  • 01

    Mass following

    The program will subscribe your page to the profiles of a potential target audience. You can wait for a response, study the features of the account and try to establish contact with fans.

  • 02


    A method of relatively safe boosting of subscribers on Instagram, where services and applications automatically put hearts under users' content. The purpose of massliking is to motivate a person to find out who has tagged him, to arouse interest in information, videos, stories, goods, services, or to place an order. In practice, users are less likely to go to pages where strangers left like.

  • 03


    The method of inexpensive boosting of Instagram subscribers has appeared recently and users are still not tired of it, therefore it is the most effective. These are massive views of stories. There is a peculiarity: boosting almost always takes place on live people, since bots and offers do not upload stories. The owners of large profiles will not analyze who logged in. The method is more suitable for young and small accounts.

People use services to boost Instagram subscribers or programs to launch masslooking, massliking, massfollowing. It is risky to promote the page with such methods. There is a high probability that web filters will track the activity and block the page. It is necessary to observe the rate of growth of indicators in statistics to avoid being banned.

These are the reasons you should choose us:

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