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Promotion of the TikTok account: service # 1

Boosting subscribers in TikTok is a service that can help you promote a profile of any topic to the top, attract the attention of users and advertisers to it.
You will not be able to succeed in the mega popular social media, bypass competitors and make money without active, live users. The number of fans is a priority indicator of popularity, so it is worth buying real followers on TikTok.

  • We can help you bypass competitors and increase customer confidence by automating Tik Tok promotion.

    Get a large number of live followers and activity with a minimum investment of time and money!

  • You are no longer need to have knowledge in SMM to boost your Social Media Profile

    Just create content, and our service will make it popular automatically. Use a free trial and try to upgrade your TikTok account cheap and fast!

Promotion of the TikTok account fast and cheap

Boosting views on TikTok is a guaranteed and quick way to improve your account statistics and gain a high rating on popular social media. Attracting attention to the video will instantly promote it to the top, induce you to subscribe to the channel, like and comment on the publication. It is impossible to make a leap at the start of profile promotion and maintain the popularity of a successful project without boosting TikTok views.

Safe promotion

We create quality traffic using only live followers’ activity. TikTok doesn’t determine it as a cheat. Other services offer fast account promotion, but this is not always safe. Before upgrading your account, you must make sure of the provider's services quality. Don't waste your money and time. We’ll boost your publications and get them to the top safely.

Manually configuration

Easy to use. The user receives detailed instructions after subscribing. A clear scheme will help you set up tools for your business easy and quickly. If you have any difficulties, our technical support team is ready to answer your questions.


You prepare publications, choose the time, and theTik Tok promotion service will post them during the hours of your audience's activity. Before scheduling posts, take a close look at your target audience's activity hours. This is a very important parameter in order to get more reactions from subscribers.

Advanced analytics

Our Tik Tok promotion service helps to assess the account development in all key parameters. The service closely monitors the activity of your audience and helps to adjust your content plan in accordance with the public demands.

How to order more views in Tik Tok?


Register an account on our website

You should enter your email and password


Choose a social network

Tik Tok


Place an order

Add the necessary options (get more subscribers, likes, video views, mass following) to increase coverage

How much do Tik Tok subscribers cost?

🔥 TikTok Likes cheaptiktok
🔥 TikTok Likes cheap
$ 0.17 Price per 1000
  • ID15
  • Max order100,000
  • Min order10
🔥 TikTok Likes medium qualitytiktok
🔥 TikTok Likes medium quality
$ 0.22 Price per 1000
  • ID238
  • Max order100,000
  • Min order10
🔥 TikTok Likes high qualitytiktok
🔥 TikTok Likes high quality
$ 0.3 Price per 1000
  • ID239
  • Max order100,000
  • Min order10
♻️ TikTok Likes, 30 Days Auto Refilltiktok
♻️ TikTok Likes, 30 Days Auto Refill
$ 1.1 Price per 1000
  • ID19
  • Max order50,000
  • Min order10
⚡ TikTok Viewstiktok
⚡ TikTok Views
$ 0.22 Price per 1000
  • ID125
  • Max order100,000,000
  • Min order100

How long does it take to get views on Tik Tok

It is impossible to predict the rate of promotion of views on TikTok video without SMM services. The original video may not have reactions for many reasons:
- Shadow Ban. Users may not see your content.
- There are no hashtags for video search.
- Copyright violated.
- Content. Boosting views in TikTok is impossible if the video was uploaded with errors or overloaded many times. It can also be of low quality or contrary to social media policies.

It will take a long time to find out the reasons for the lack of reactions. After fixing the problems, you will have to promote the video from the beginning. It can take 3-4 months to fix errors, and this closes the path to the top and recommendations.

Another option for promoting without wasting time is to boost Tik Tok views with the Nord Panel service. The unique platform allows users to fully control the promotion of their account. You choose the rate of increase in reactions, the type of profiles and the level of activity. The customer of the service does not risk anything.

How to minimize the risk of boosting

You need to adhere to simple promotion rules so that promoting your profile does not become a waste of money and time:

  • 01

    Order all types of reactions at the same time

    A video with reactions, but without comments, likes, will automatically be regarded by the network as uninteresting. As a result, the rating will drop, and a large audience will not see it. Comprehensive promotion is more expensive, but more effective.

  • 02

    Build your popularity growth rate

    You can't send hundreds of thousands of reactions to a young and unknown account! Such activity will lead to a shadow ban or guaranteed removal.

  • 03

    Do not order services on different platforms at the same time

    This increases the risk of improper user activity. If the reactions are written off, it will be impossible to understand which of the services worked in bad faith.

  • 04

    Constantly work with your account

    You cannot upload one video, buy reactions and wait for getting into the recommendations. Upload new content regularly, use life hacks for promotion, be active under other people's posts. The promotion will look natural, and the profile will stay in the top and maintain a good rating.

  • 05

    Live users

    It is more expensive to buy reactions from active and live subscribers. But the investment will pay off quickly if you have a commercial site or are gaining popularity for brand promotion.

When choosing a platform to promote your profile, please contact support in advance. The speed and quality of feedback will help you understand how ready they are to help you in unusual situations.

Do click-views interfere with monetization in Tik Tok

The largest online marketplace does not personalize or check reactions. It doesn't matter how they were obtained, only their quantity matters. If you buy likes and views on TikTok, quickly break into the top, improve your account rating, you will have earning opportunities:

  • Your talent will enable you to unleash creativity and earnings prospects. Tracks, creative projects, dances, etc.

  • Promotion of a personal brand.

  • Administration of other users’ profiles.

  • Boosting live views on TT will help you sell goods, services, information products.

  • Editing of video clips.

  • Attracting advertisers. A successful account receives many advertisements from other users, bloggers, merchants, or brands.

  • Earnings on donations in live broadcasts and stickers from fans.

  • Affiliate programs.

You need to buy Tik Tok views if you want to quickly monetize your account. This is a profitable and small investment that will pay off instantly, and you will achieve popularity that just needs to be heated up.

Why it's better to accrue views in Tik Tok

Long profile promotion creates many problems. Owners of commercial accounts can lose a promising niche due to huge competition. While you are trying to attract attention, competitors are already selling goods, services, simply by getting real views on Tik Tok on the Nord Panel. There are good reasons for using SMM panel services:

  • Guaranteed protection against shadow ban. If you strive to become popular quickly and showcase your talents, you may be breaking the rules of the social network. The rapid increase in reactions, likes, subscribers can arouse suspicion among the administration, and your video will become inaccessible to users.

  • Live profiles that advertisers love. A large, reputable service is capable of boosting views on TT with a guarantee that it will not be deleted. Bots, questionable programs and users can quickly be canceled, and hearts and subscriptions can disappear with them.

  • The speed of progress. The growth of the necessary indicators to get to the top occurs at a safe speed regulated by the service.

  • Complex of services. It's not enough to buy TikTok views, you need to promote your account in all directions: likes and subscriptions. This is the only way to increase your profile rating, get into recommendations and quickly increase your reach.

  • Lack of customer participation. If you ordered a service, you do not need to waste time searching for a program, registering on numerous exchanges, tracking statistics. You will not waste time on numerous subscriptions and likes. Buying live views in TT, you can spend more time on the quality of the video and finding creative ideas for publications.

  • Bonuses and partner rewards. The user will be able not only to make his account popular, but also to earn money, receive gifts and rewards for attracted clients.

  • Guaranteed promotion. Neither advertisements, nor duets with TikTokers or streams can guarantee boost views on TikTok. Ordering a promotion service guarantees the result: you just have to monitor the statistics, the increase in reactions.

These are the reasons you should choose us

Unique promotion services

Unique promotion services in social networks which have no analogues

Low prices

The amount of orders allows us to offer cheaper services than our competitors.

User-friendly interface

Convenient interface of the service for Instagram promotion, which is very easy to work. This has nothing on it that you don't need. Only orders, speed, transactions and limits

Simple API

The ability to connect in 5 minutes


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