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SMM Service Nord Panel offers not just a promotion of subscribers, but a competent promotion strategy in the messenger at a fair price, with a guaranteed result.

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Service for a Telegram Channel growth

Views and subscribers in Telegram are the main indicator for the target audience that your content can be trusted and your posts are interesting, useful and worth the time. Advertisers who want to promote their services and products on a huge online platform are interested in popular channel with numerous reactions and fans. Live Telegram subscribers will help you occupy promising niches for earning. Tell subscribers about your talents, influence the opinion of the audience, write posts, promote your personal brand – that’s not all possibilities of the messenger, where 1.5 million people register every day!

  • We can help you bypass competitors and increase customer confidence by automating Telegram promotion.

    Get a large number of live followers and activity with a minimum investment of time and money!

  • You are no longer need to have knowledge in SMM to boost your Social Media Profile

    Just create content, and our service will make it popular automatically. Register on the Nord Panel platform and test the capabilities of the service.

Why you need views and subscribers in your Telegram channel

When you create a new account, but the posts have no views and you have no loyal audience, you should buy subscribers in Telegram. The authoritative platform Nord Panel will allow you overcome the shortage of users and activity quickly and efficiently. After the start of promotion, the profile will receive the first thousand users, which will radically change the situation.

  • Live followers in the Telegram channel signal to a random target audience that the author's blog is interesting, content is constantly updated and it makes sense to follow it regularly.

  • An «army» of followers and views confirm that the profile is constantly visited. This is an indicator that advertising will be as effective and profitable as possible.

  • The subscribers you bought in Telegram will help you quickly promote a commercial account to the top, because it is difficult to do it yourself.

  • Regular fans confirm the audience that an account, community or group belongs to an expert. This will provide you with the sale of information products, consultations, workshops, books, courses or trainings.

  • You can buy live subscribers in Telegram to promote your account on social media site like Vkontakte, build an audience, and administer other people's accounts.

  • This is popularity and an possibility to make new friends.

Telegram is trusted and used messenger by more than 500 million people in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the rapid attraction of new users. If you are not ready to lose a huge audience due to the lack of subscribers in Telegram, the SMM Nord Panel platform will help you promote an account of any topic quickly and guaranteed.

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How much do Telegram followers cost?

🔥Telegram Subscribers, 3 Days, Moderationtelegram
🔥Telegram Subscribers, 3 Days, Moderation
$ 0.25 Price per 1000
  • ID218
  • Max order100,000
  • Min order10
🔥Telegram Subscribers, 7 Days, Moderationtelegram
🔥Telegram Subscribers, 7 Days, Moderation
$ 0.32 Price per 1000
  • ID76
  • Max order100,000
  • Min order10
🔥♻️Telegram Subscribers, 30 Days Refilltelegram
🔥♻️Telegram Subscribers, 30 Days Refill
$ 0.52 Price per 1000
  • ID79
  • Max order100,000
  • Min order10

How to add the first subscribers to Telegram on your own

Promoting a profile in a messenger is a painstaking work that requires a lot of time and effort. At the start of the promotion, you will have to understand the features of this social network and brush aside the methods that were used for promotion, for example, on Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

You need to come up with a catchy, memorable channel name, and then describe it succinctly before buying Telegram subscribers. Create at least 10-15 interesting, useful articles.
There are some life hacks for self-promotion and attracting the first 1,000 users:

  • 01

    Mutual PR

    It is easy to buy Telegram subscribers or engage in mutual PR in the messenger. The essence of the method: you need to find an account where its owner will advertise your community, and you will answer him in the same way in your group. You can search for partners in thematic chats, or analyze channels of similar topics. A useful rule: do not post ads at the same time with your PR partner, pause between posts for 5-7 days.

  • 02

    Directories on sites

    Free and paid services are ready to publish in their post lists of interesting accounts where you can place and promote you. Also, the list should contain a link to the channel, an avatar and a capacious and intriguing description. This method will allow getting the first 300-500 people. Catalogs often impose requirements on the owners when registering the number of permanent audiences, the presence of views, etc.

  • 03


    This is the publication of a post with the view to recommending thematic accounts with community descriptions to the audience. In the collection, you can place a link to weblogs, groups of any subject: business, personal promotion, brand, news or humor

  • 04

    Blog Comments

    The method is labor-intensive, you need to find sites on your own where users share information about Telegram channels. Then you need to actively comment, leave a description of your groups and publics.

  • 05

    Topic chats

    There is one nuance: you should leave a link to your group only if users have asked a question, are interested in your topic, or ask for help. If you send a message to the chat without the user's request, your account may be banned, and your publication will be regarded as spam.

  • 06

    Traffic from your social media

    You must announce a new Telegram channel in social media. You can post intriguing or exclusive, verified information, share secrets, etc. The main purpose is not just to draw their attention, but to prove the usefulness of the subscription in the messenger. Ask your friends, colleagues or relatives to become your loyal users.

  • 07

    Advertising in other channels

    This is a paid service of Telegram promotion, but it will allow you to get live, active users through recognition. The owner of a successful channel can offer a price, and you just have to calculate how much it will cost to attract one thematic user.

  • 08

    Non-standard and useful content

    This messenger doesn’t have a feed. People must go to your page to see the post, read it, rate it and comment on it. If the quality of your posts is low, and the content is not interesting or useful, then you should not expect to be viewed by offers and bots.

  • 09

    Engage your audience

    In any way, try to interest others, draw attention to your channel. Arrange polls, leave reviews, like posts and do more reposts.

What to choose: live subscribers or bots

If your business doesn't have enough money to advertise, you can promote your account for free, but it will take a lot of time and effort. It is not forbidden to use third-party resources for fast Telegram promotion, but each method has its pros and cons. Features of bots for promotion:

  • These are non-living accounts created by a special program.

  • Such users will not be active, follow links, leave reactions or repost.

  • Your account may get banned

  • Bots are only needed to create the impression that the channel is popular and offers interesting useful content. Artificial users motivate real ones to subscribe to an authoritative profile.

The disadvantage of using bots is that the messenger periodically deletes them, so in 1-2 months you can lose a whole army of such "users". If you plan to make money by placing advertisements on the channel in the long term, buying bots can put an end to this. Advertisers can see (statistics analytics) that the initial promotion was fake and you cannot be trusted.

An effective way to make your account popular is to buy live, active fans on the Nord Panel platform.

Преимущества These are the reasons you should choose us

  • Only high-quality accounts. Accounts with avatars, simple nicknames, and activity will become your loyal fans.

  • We give a guarantee against removal. Your audience won't change.

  • Adjust the speed of boosting indicators. You get a guarantee that the channel will not attract attention of the network and will not be blocked.

  • Promotion starts quickly, immediately after payment for the service. Audience growth looks natural.

  • Low percentage of drops.

  • You can choose an audience: Russia, USA, world.

  • Any number of users: up to 300 thousand.

SMM Service Nord Panel offers not just a promotion of subscribers, but a competent promotion strategy in the messenger at a fair price, with a guaranteed result.

These are the reasons you should choose us:

Unique promotion services

Unique promotion services in social networks which have no analogues

Always on call

24/7 technical support

Minimal risks

Only white methods and live, active subscribers

Guaranteed confidentiality

We do not transfer data to third parties - no one will know that you ordered promotion services


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