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Get likes on YouTube to take the channel to the next level

And our mission is to help you get YouTube likes fast to become more prominent!

  • Likes for YouTube videos are a kind of indicator of the content and channel success.

    The more of them you get on your videos, the more attractive videos look to the audience. A user is more likely to decide to watch a popular video that has already been marked with thumbs up.

  • Likes are also important for YouTube algorithms.

    The system determines the popularity of content by their number, promotes videos, and recommends them for viewing for other people, not only for those who have already subscribed to your channel. All this together helps to have organic growth, become more popular on YouTube and bring the channel to a new level, to get into the trend list and become a new star.

3 main reasons to choose NordPanel to buy likes on YouTube

There are many reasons why the NordPanel can be called the service №1 for the YouTube channel promotion. We are proud of our approach to completing tasks and present the three most important ones to know about us before buying YouTube likes.

We handle all the processes ourselves, control the quality of services and activity, and do not resell them to other performers. Likes are put only by high-quality profiles registered on YouTube so you buy real YouTube likes. The activity on the channel increases gradually, without attracting too much attention from the YouTube promotion algorithms.

NordPanel customer support works 24/7 without holidays and weekends. You don't have to wait to solve your issue. Everything can be discussed at any moment when our clients need help.

How to get YouTube likes

It's so easy! You only need to do some simple steps to start and that’s it.


Register on the NordPanel website

Activation get access to your personal account.


Top up your balance

To pay for YouTube promotion service


Form an application

To purchase YouTube likes

How much does it cost to buy YouTube video likes

Promoting a new channel on video hosting is always a complicated process that requires time, skills and money. It always implies a set of actions. For example, setting up advertising, recording videos with already well-known bloggers, seo optimization of videos for special algorithms, as well as regular receipt of comments, new subscribers, positive reactions. To get YouTube video likes is exactly what you can do with NordPanel.

Buying cheap YouTube likes is the first step to promoting the channel and open the opportunity to get into the trends list. The more people like your content, the more loyal the system will start treating your channel and the more famous you will become.

The actual price is presented below:

🔥🕔 YouTube Likesyoutube
🔥🕔 YouTube Likes
$ 0.55 Price per 1000
  • ID84
  • Max order10,000
  • Min order10
♻️YouTube Likes, 30 Days Auto Refillyoutube
♻️YouTube Likes, 30 Days Auto Refill
$ 0.62 Price per 1000
  • ID171
  • Max order50,000
  • Min order100
YouTube Likesyoutube
YouTube Likes
$ 1.45 Price per 1000
  • ID20
  • Max order5,000
  • Min order10
♻️YouTube Likes, 30 Days Auto Refillyoutube
♻️YouTube Likes, 30 Days Auto Refill
$ 1.94 Price per 1000
  • ID133
  • Max order200,000
  • Min order20

What likes can you get on YouTube

Before ordering various services aimed at promoting your account, carefully study the service and reviews about it so as not to lose money and reputation. Our clients and their high YouTube rating are the number one task for us. Therefore, we provide:

  • 01

    Real users likes

    We are responsible for quality and provide activity only from live real users, already registered on the video site. Likes from bots are not about us. You can sleep peacefully knowing that the promotion is at the highest level.

  • 02

    Likes on reasonable prices

    If you are looking for a service where you can buy cheap YouTube likes, then you have come to the right place. We closely monitor pricing and set only the real cost of services so that everyone can use our help and boost activity.

  • 03

    Confidential likes

    Be sure that no one will ever know that you turned to us for help and bought likes to grow the activity. On the YouTube channel, everything will look natural, likes and other will increase gradually and organically, as if all these processes occurred naturally by themselves.

  • 04


    We do not transfer data to third parties, do not use prohibited methods of providing services in our work, we care about data security and the reputation of our clients' channels. That is why you can be sure of the high quality of the services provided

How to prepare a YouTube channel for promotion

Many factors are important in promoting YouTube videos. All of them work together, it will be extremely difficult to achieve the desired outstanding results if some of the recommendations are not followed. Check out the list of basic steps that will help prepare your channel for promotion before buying YouTube likes or other cheap services.

  • Prepare a profile icon

    It should be noticeable, attractive and of good quality. Ideally, your personal photo or the logo of a brand or company will be used as a profile photo.

  • Make a channel cover

    It should be informative and convey the channel concept. You can make it in various free programs or order it from designers who are engaged in creating such products professionally.

  • Fill in the information about yourself and the channel

    Users perceive information much easier when they know a little more about the channel hos. You can put links to your social networks and website so that subscribers and casual viewers can gain more knowledge about you and the channel.

  • Create playlists

    They will make it easier for viewers to navigate through the content, search for materials on the right topic faster, and it is much more convenient to find videos that they may like. As for the new and still unsigned people, with the help of playlists they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the general content of the channel faster. This, in turn, will be able to attract more interested people who will later become your fans.

  • Make a content plan and think over the topics of possible videos in advance

    Regularity is one of the keys to success that is available to you. If the videos appear on the channel in a timely manner, then the interest of the audience is maintained. You stay on the radar, the audience does not unsubscribe from the channel as from an abandoned one.

  • Don't despair!

    Not everything will work out right away. Something will take a little longer than you expected. And that's fine. Don't give up and keep working on the channel. NordPanel will help with this: we explain how to buy likes and other services on YouTube.

9 rules that will help you promote a YouTube account by yourself

YouTube carefully hides the ranking methods and algorithms of work. However, this does not mean that you need to rely on the will of chance and do nothing. Below are nine simple methods to promote your YouTube channel on your own.

  • Use social networks. With the help of other sites inform people about the release or preparation of new videos, warm up the interest of the audience, and make announcements. In a word, be visible.

  • Collaborate with other bloggers. You can shoot content with the owners of channels of similar or other topics. Thanks to which you will be able to exchange audiences and attract new subscribers.

  • Communicate with the audience. Respond to comments, maintain a dialogue, listen to what subscribers say. You can arrange a question-and-answer section in which you will honestly answer the questions of the audience. This will increase their loyalty.

  • Come up with various practices that will help keep the audience's attention. The more people watch the video to the end, the more willing YouTube algorithms will promote it.

  • Don't record videos that are too long or too short. The average duration should help you have time to make the video interesting and informative. But at the same time the audience should not have time to get tired of watching.

  • At the end of the video, invite users to view your other materials on a similar or different topic. If a user starts watching another piece of content exactly just after seeing one of your materials at that moment, it will have a better effect on your reputation as a member, and the statistics of your account will improve.

  • Improve and adapt descriptions and titles of posted materials, make them informative and add keywords. Create attractive covers to attract user interest and please the video hosting ranking methods.

  • Keep track of the ratio of likes and dislikes on videos. The system itself analyzes this indicator and calculates the usefulness of the video based on it. If there are more dislikes or there are no reactions to the video at all, buy likes for YouTube videos.

  • Other parameters are also important for video hosting. For example, views and the number of subscriptions after watching a video. You can also buy subscribers and views using NordPanel.

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